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Tenex Sp. z o.o. is a manufacturer and distributor of cosmetic products for face and body care, hair care and styling as well as modern beauty accessories, including sonic toothbrushes. For over 30 years our cosmetics have been available on the Polish market and in over 30 countries worldwide. We are the manufacturer of the DermoFuture Precision brand and entirely new brands: SkinAbout* and YOLYN. In our products we combine nature with modern technology. We select the ingredients carefully to make sure they give the best results, comparable to those of aesthetic medicine, in a short time. It is our endeavour to make our products enjoyable and satisfying while meeting the needs of the skin. The effects of our work have won multiple prestigious awards such as “Qltowy Kosmetyk”, “Kobieca Marka Roku” or “Perła Rynku Kosmetycznego”.

We are also an exclusive distributor of the top Netherlands hair care products of Hegron Cosmetics B.V. and Marimer products on the Polish market.

We also manufacture Private Label products that are available globally.

We present a video that says more than words about us.



Awards granted to TENEX

We always aim high. We achieve good results. We accomplish our goals.
Here is the evidence – the awards and distinctions of which we are very proud.

“Imperium Urody” Award

The editors of the “Imperium Kobiet” magazine and the jury composed of Paulina Holtz, Ania Powierza, Gosia Ohme and Kasia Sujka, awarded the DERMOFUTURE PRECISION brand the prize for the best Polish rejuvenating cosmetics.

DOBRA MARKA designation for DermoFuture

DermoFuture brand received the designation DOBRA MARKA [GOOD BRAND] – Quality, Trust, Reputation in the “Alternatives to Aesthetic Medicine” category

Business Gazelle

It is a ranking of the fastest growing small and medium-sized companies. A “Gazelle” is a small to medium-sized company which, thanks to its extremely dynamic growth, is able to perform well among even much larger competitors.

Women’s Brand of the Year

DermoFuture brand has won Women’s Brand of the Year for its efforts to ensure its products and services meet the highest standards

Firma Roku Award

Polish Product Certificate in the “Firma Roku” [Company of the Year] granted by the Polish National Office for Certification for achievements and the market position..

Luxury Brand of the Year

Luxury Brand of the Year Award for DERMOFUTURE PRECISION brand

Perła Rynku Kosmetycznego Award

By votes of the Jury and the magazine readers in an online poll, Tenex has been awarded the SILVER INNOVATION for its DermoFuture mesoroller.

Ekskluzywna Polska Marka Award

A prestigious prize awarded to the winners of the competition organised by the Polish National Office for Certification. It is granted to exclusive brands present on the Polish market in two categories: Exclusive Polish Brand and Exclusive Foreign Brand.

Jakość roku Award

Hegron Cosmetics BV’s hair spray gel range has been awarded the JAKOŚĆ ROKU [QUALITY OF THE YEAR] diploma.

Qultowy Koncept Award

DermoFuture Precision Hyaluronic Lip Filler was awarded in the AESTHETIC MEDICINE ALTERNATIVES category in the 18th edition of the nationwide beauty product competition, Qltowe Kosmetyki.

Business Gazelle

Tenex Sp. z o.o. has been listed in the Business Gazelle ranking, i.e. a list of the most rapidly developing small and medium-sized companies.  

Qultowy Kosmetyk Award

DermoFuture Precision brand has received a prize in the HAIR PRODUCTS – POLISH COSMETICS INNOVATIONS category for its DF5 Woman and DF5 Man comprehensive hair care range.

Prestiżowy Produkt Roku Award

Tenex has been granted the Prestiżowy Produkt Roku [Prestigious Product of the Year] award.

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